I’ll be honest with you, when I thought of writing something for the home page of the blog, I was worried. Why? Well, this would be the first page anyone would read when they visit TheMuddledArchives and this entire page must symbolize everything that this blog – that I – stand for. I imagine this is how the writing of a Tinder bio (or a matrimonial bio, if you’re into that kind of thing) would feel like. Ailing to my overthinking and worries of presentation, I had been putting off from working on this for the longest time.

So, what changed or, rather, what persuaded me to finally write this page and officially declare my blog as “revamped”? Did I find the perfect words to convey everything I had wanted to? (Are words even sufficient to achieve that feat?) Well, the answer is no. However, what did persuade me was the right kind of music, because music has that power; the power to make us express ourselves – some do it by dancing, some do it by singing along, and some do it by writing. So, under the influence of these great musicians and their compositions, I speak to you.

I feel that there is so much beauty in this world that we do not know of; that there are stories and lessons in the things around us – animate, or inanimate – which we all need to learn. Life, when I think of it, has provided so many of us with so much that I feel we should all attempt to explore all of its esoterica and solve all of its conundrums (or just try our best…).

That seems deep and, somewhat, philosophical. My intentions aren’t that serious; no. All I am going to do is document my emotions and thoughts on them as and when they strike me to be something of relevance to an entity other than myself.

For easier navigation, I will explain to you how to go about this place (that I have come to call, ‘Home‘).

The Midnight Fantasia

This is the heart of my house. It is where everything is stored. Under this, there are two sections, Literature and Fantasia.

Under the Literature tab are my prose and poetry – the pinnacle of my expressiveness.

The Fantasia tab holds the thoughts. It is where I express and write about things that affect me. It varies from documentation of thoughts, a different perspective, movies that I love, or music that takes over me. Fantasia is where there are no bounds, no categories, no genres (which is why it has been fittingly named ‘Fantasia‘, which means ‘a thing composed of a mixture of different forms or styles‘ or ‘imagination‘).

The Sidebar

The sidebar is an amalgamation of certain elements that complement the content on screen. It might be a quote, a picture, or a link to a song that adds on gravity and depth – anything. On this page, for example, the sidebar consists of a quote, a slideshow, and the link to a playlist of songs that I adore.

There is, of course, a lot more to this archive. However, I will leave that up to you to discover.

I’ll be honest with you, when I started writing this, I didn’t know where it was going. I was also concerned that it didn’t reflect all that this blog – that I – stood for. But when I look through it now, it does reflect upon everything that I had hoped it would. It reflects on expression and perspective – a homo sapiens ultimate weapon.

Welcome to my house, the one set amidst the clouds.

IMG_7816 (1)IMG_1065

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